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This Mistress enjoys doing things that will make her slaves get turned on. She has found that if she keeps their attention, she is likely to get even more money out of them. Therefore, she is going to make a special video just for her slaves. As she is rubbing on her pussy, she is going to distract them by letting out a whole bunch of horrible sounds from her ass.

This Mistress is going to show a slave is place in her world. She also is wonderful at domination and she gives great instructions for a slave to follow. One of them is going to be for the slave to stick his nose right on the hole of her ass. When she tells him to exhale, she is going to let out a fart. He will inhale sniffing everything up.

The one thing about this Mistress is the fact that she does not take any type of shit. She has always been very dominating and she also knows that she is going to continue to stay the dominant one matter what. When a slave challenges her, her instant thought is to really let him have it. She is going to begin letting out several farts right on his face.

This fun mistress is going to have a wonderful time with her slave. She has decided it is the perfect opportunity to start showing her slave just gross she can be. One of the things she is going to do is allow him to smell her gas. She has always had really smelly farts, so this is going to be more amusing to her than anything. She will gas him out.

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