Fart Femdom

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This guy was turned on by this mistress but she did not feel the same way for him. That is why she had to do what she needed to do in order to teach him a lesson. The mistress chose to use her fart femdom to turn him off and get him off her back. That is what she did and as the guy was turned into a fart slave, he started losing the feelings he had for her.

Madame Veronique needed to send a message to this guy and she chose to do it with her fart fetish. She was not ok with the things he did and that is why she had to do what she had to do. The mistress turned the guy into a fart slave and she had a great time torturing him. He had to lick her ass as well as smell her farts before she was done with him.

Goddess Tempest was tricked by this guy and humiliated and now it was her turn to do it. She did the same to him and for his humiliation, she chose to make him endure her facesitting. But that was not all as she also had him smell her farts before she felt that he had endured enough from him. It worked out the way she wanted it to work and never tried to play tricks on her again.

Mistress Ebonybooty49 has a big ass and this guy loved it. But he ended up pissing her off and she had to humiliate him which she did with her ass. He was forced to lick her ass and to smell her farts as well as to endure being facesat on. He never saw it coming but he could do nothing about it as he knew he was on the wrong.

This mistress was pissed off at her boyfriend and she did not want to be the only one annoyed. As a result, she had to try her best to find a way to annoy her boyfriend as well. That is why she chose to use her farts to do it. He was not expecting it and he was not in a good mood so it worked and she annoyed him as well.

This guy was interested in mistress Venus. She had been evasive and had eaten his money since she could easily manipulate him. But when she could no longer find excuses to push him away, she had to come up with a way to turn him off and she did it with her farts. The mistress asked him to lick her asshole and smell her farts knowing that he was a germaphobe and could not do it. He was turned off.

When her man wanted sex and she was not in the mood, mistress Dula had to come up with a better way to do it. She did not want her boyfriend to think that she was not attracted to him and that she did not want him. She also did not want to force herself to have sex when she did not want it. So she farted on him knowing it would turn him off.

Mistress Carla did not want her boyfriend to get too comfortable with her. That is why she had him check out her ass as she tried on different underwear. When he was naturally getting turned on, she quickly forced him to stop thinking about sex when she farted on him. She even told him it would turn her on if he licked her ass and smell her farts. He ran away to the living room.

This guy admired mistress Agata and goddess Agma. But he did not know the kind of people they were. They were the kind that wanted to take advantage of his interest in them to do whatever they wanted. That is why they chose to cruelly fart on him after lying to him that they were also into him and that they wanted to have fun with him. He regretted showing interest in them.

This guy was always trying to get the attention of mistress Lola and she did not feel the same way. She felt that she had to make sure he stopped bothering her. That is why she chose to use her farts to chase him away. The mistress did this without thinking twice about it. Needless to say, the mistress got what she wanted and she got it how she wanted it.

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