Fart Femdom

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Kimberly Marvel is nothing short from the best farting mistress ever. Getting her sexy outfits on, and sitting right on her slave's face is something she loves to do. Kimberly then will push out several nasty farts that smell so bad, but she is going to smash those farts right into her slave's face. The slave will have more than enough gas to smell in his face.

There is nothing better than an ass that is perfect and amazing. A hot babe is going to put on her pink leggings that hold the shape of her so well, but the worst part of these hot pink leggings is the smell of those leggings. She loves to fart all the time in her leggings and make them so wet and juicy with fart juices.

Shanya is one of those aggressive babes that loves to wrestle. She is really dominant, and she loves to punish her slave Chadam. Chadam is a weak pussy for a slave, so she is going to be able to really show him who is the boss. Shanya will take her smelly ass hidden by her white thong, and fart right on his face when she sits on Chadam.

Princess Fierce is one of those babes you just never know what is going to happen. She puts on a pair of tiny short shorts and gets ready to really let them rip. She adores all of her fart sniffing pervert slaves that will get on the ground and drop to their knees and inhale every bit of her smell. She is so hot and sexy when she farts.

Kaylee is so hot and cute, but she is also a really good time. Kaylee loves to sit on the toilet and fart nonstop. She will really give it her all, and let some big farts. The toilet will make extra noise when she farts, so Kaylee will give it her all when she drops her farts. She naturally lets a great deal of farts each day.

Some folks have amazing talents, but this hot babe is going to show what her true talents are really are. She can let a very hot warm fart from her ass, and make it smell so nasty. She loves to fart, and it almost like a farting machine she lets them go so well. The farting queen will even spread her legs to push her nasty farts out.

When it comes to asses, there are some babes that just naturally look good in a pair of tight hot pink panties. This hot babe is going to look stunning when she wears her pink panties, but the real teaser is when she decides to start letting huge farts fly in those panties. There isn't a slave or man around that can resist her special odor from her ass.

Alice is a very hot babe with an ass to die for. Her ass is amazing, but when she puts on her sexy tight jeans, there is nothing a slave won't do for her. She is going to grab at her ass, but then to her slave's surprise, she will fart over and over again forcing her slave to take a good whiff of her ass in those tight jeans.

A very hot and sexy mistress will put on a pair of pants that flatter her curves, but the best part is when she starts her musical fun with her asshole. She is going to blow farts and make some fun, but stinky music. Her black leggings are creating a musical madness that only her slave could enjoy the lovely aroma coming from her pants. She is so hot.

Joschi is a complete and total bitch for a slave. Lady Jessica knows just what a loser her slave really is. She is going to put on her sexy leopard print outfit and instruct Joschi to get his nose right near her ass. She is then going to start farting, and make Joschi smell and sniff up all of her juicy ass gas that is flowing from her hole.

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