Fart Femdom

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Sitting on the toilet can be quite relaxing, especially if it is a nice atmosphere to be in. A mistress is going to enjoy her time on the toilet, but she also has a visitor in the bathroom with her. She invited her slave along, because she wants to let him experience what it is like to smell her horrible gas. She is going to really let everything out.

A very pretty blonde is going to have some fun with one of her favorite clients. Her client is always been a very big loser, so when she decides to give him the label slave, of course he is happy. She is going to instruct him to put his nose down by her ass, so that he is able to sniff all of her horrible smelling gas right in his face.

Farting can be very interesting, especially if someone has a special diet that they require each day. Each of these ladies are going to take turns trying to stink each other out with long farts. Not only will it be amusing, but it also is going to be very funny as well. The girls are laughing, but they also are trying to see who is the dominant one between the two of them.

Wrestling can be a very interesting sport. Not only is there a very close contact with another person, but each person is able to smell the other person. Therefore, there is always the opportunity for horrible things to happen during all of this playtime. A slave is going to find out what her mistress is going to do during the wrestling time. Even though they are women, they still fart.

When these two get together it can be a very interesting time. They love to mess with each other, and I also enjoy teasing each other as well. One of their favorite things to do is wrestle, but there is always a twist involved. They are going to let out farts during the entire time and completely smell up a room. Both of these women are laughing so hard at the sounds.

A really attractive woman is going to wear a red thong, because she loves to show off her body. She truly does have the perfect round ass, but she also has another quality that some people might find to be quite disgusting. When she is shaking her ass, she is going to be letting out a series of long farts. She wants to see who still finds her super attractive.

Eating a fiber bar can be a wonderful way to stay healthy. The fiber bar is going to with the digestive track and it also will make anyone feel amazing. The bad side to eating this type of fiber bar is the fact that farts are going to be horrible. This mistress is going to show her slave just how bad her loud farts smell by letting all of them on his face.

Walter is getting a front row seat from a beautiful woman and her smelly ass. Little did he know that he was going to be dominated in such an unusual way. Not only is he going to be humiliated, but he is going to be forced to smell all of the horrible stink from her ass. She is deeply amused by all of the activities, and she also thinks it is really funny.

When these two women together, it can be an amazing sight to see. Both of the women are extremely attractive, and they both are very physically fit. However, when it is time for them to begin wrestling, each one of them is going to take turns letting out loud farts. They are going to see who can let the worst fart that will make both of them gag from the odor.

This young woman looks amazing and a pair of denim jeans. She is able to wear almost any style and look terrific. She also is able to dominate her slave in various methods. One of her favorite things to do is to put on her jeans, because she is going to let out long farts right on his face. She is deeply amused by this form of domination and humiliation.

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