Fart Femdom

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Maggie is a very sexy and hot mistress, but she also has a major love. She has a fetish with stinky farting. Maggie will put on a cute pair of jean shorts and begin to fart. She doesn't just let one fart, she will let several really smelly farts that will make her slave want to gag from the horrible odor that is making the whole room stink.

Emma is one of the smelliest mistress's around. Her pleasure is often shown by the way she lets the stinkiest of farts. She also loves to torture her slaves by making them get their noses right in her ass crack to sniff up all the bad odor that comes from her ass. She forces her slave to smell all of her horrible stench that slowly covers the room.

Kaylee is a cute babe with a fondness for farting. She is going to tease her slave that is obsessed with the horrid odors that come from her ass. She pushes her stinky farts out, and giggles as she does it. Amusement from her smelly ass is one of her favorite things to do to her loser slave. Her farts can clear a room they are so bad.

Naturally most mistresses are looking for a new way to demean their slaves, even if it means farting on one of her slaves. She will put on a cute outfit and get ready for one of her slaves. Miss Missa X will eat a very gassy meal, so when it comes farting time, she is going to be able to push out a great deal of gas and poo.

Redbone is a very hot bbw woman that loves to fart. Farting is something she does well, therefore she is always ready to launch a big fart on one of her slaves. She will drop the biggest farts on her slaves, and she will force them to smell all of her fury. Eating burritos gives her the worst farts that make her so proud when she farts.

Alice has such a plump little ass that is so juicy. Any slave would do anything to worship her ass. She also has a fun side to her. Her slaves all get to enjoy her ass, because her requirements are sniffing and smelling her ass when she farts. Alice is good for a few nice big hardcore juicy farts that might come with a surprise.

There is something about a hot brunette in red panties, however this babe in her panties is a totally wild, because she loves to fart. She will sit on her slave's face and smash her cute little ass and pussy on her slave's face and fart right on his face. He will get a great close up view of her ass when she let's her nasty farts on him.

Kimberly Marvel is always down for some naughty farting fun. She loves to sit on her slave's face and smash him with her full body weight, however, she also will let a huge fart on his face. The thought of her slave having to sniff and smell her horrible gas makes Kimberly feel very good. She is nothing short of one of the most dominating mistresses ever.

Kimberly Marvel is nothing short from the best farting mistress ever. Getting her sexy outfits on, and sitting right on her slave's face is something she loves to do. Kimberly then will push out several nasty farts that smell so bad, but she is going to smash those farts right into her slave's face. The slave will have more than enough gas to smell in his face.

There is nothing better than an ass that is perfect and amazing. A hot babe is going to put on her pink leggings that hold the shape of her so well, but the worst part of these hot pink leggings is the smell of those leggings. She loves to fart all the time in her leggings and make them so wet and juicy with fart juices.

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