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A very sexy ebony babe is an expert in wrestling and taking charge in the bedroom. She loves to put a mask on her slave, and man handle her slave letting her slave know he is a loser and shit. She also will sit on her slave's face and pull her ass cheeks apart. She will let the largest stinkiest farts right on her slave's face.

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Shanya loves to wrestle other people in her white thong. Her thong is nice and fitted right up against her asshole, but she doesn't care when she is wrestling Chadam. Chadam is going to find out that Shanya doesn't give one shit when she sits on his face and starts to let huge farts on his face. Chadam is going to be covered in Shanya's stinky farts.

Today I thought about playing with my slave again. And I wanted to facesit him! But i ate some really nice Mexican food before and now a lot of gas is inside me... I can't resist anymore - i have to fart right into his face! He already was low on air because of the facesitting but now he will get the special taste of my ass. His nose tries to avoid the new incoming smelling but he has no chance...!

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