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More audio clips of a girls bathroom. This set of clips features some student girls doing their business in the bathroom while you listen. There are two girls that come in to take a shit. The first girl must have held it a while because she starts pooping out turds right away without pissing. The next girl grunts and pushes out several huge turds that plop in the toilet and she pisses in between turds.

This is yet another great set of audio clips of girls pooping, pissing and farting in the girls bathroom. This set includes sounds from a ladies room at a department store and more. This clip allows you to listen to 5 female employees pooping. There is a lot of pissing and farting on these clips and turds can be heard plopping in the potty. Who knew that girls took such loud shits.

Submissive, but cute blonde female slave Bambina is handcuffed to the bed when dominating brunette Gia walks in. Bambina thinks she is saved, but she is in for more humiliation. Gia starts facesitting on her and blasts her with hot farts.. Bambina tries to move out of the way, but Gia pushes her face into her sexy ass. She even stands up and dominates Bambina with forced ass smelling.

Stunning and supple brunette Julie loves to sit on Bambina, but facesitting isn't humiliating enough for her today. She sits down hard on Bambina's face and starts blasting her with farts. There is no escape for Bambina as she smothers under Julie's luscious ass that keeps blasting smelly gas right on her nose. Bambina just lies still taking the farting and facesitting torture because she loves to take abuse from her mistress.

Gorgeous and dominant brunette Kourtney looks hot in her tight jeans that really compliment her big sexy ass. She slowly lowers her sexy jeans ass down on to this guy's face and humiliates him with facesitting, but that's just the beginning. She has gas so, when she sits down on his face with her full weight pressing her asshole down on his nose, she starts blowing smelly farts while he smothers.

This is set B in the amazing series of audio clips recorded inside a girls bathroom. Listen to several girls taking care of their business and imagine you are there. There are two more students going to the bathroom in this one. One of them has several quick farts and starts farting and pooping. The next girl pisses in the toilet and starts dropping some quick little turds for your listening pleasure.

This unique audio clip features the sounds of a girls bathroom and the business that they do in there. This is set A of the great pissing, farting and pooping clips where you can imagine being in the bathroom with these girls. One girls farts a lot then pisses in the toilet. The next girls pisses and farts then starts plopping out a huge load of turds that plop in the toilet.

Sibilla and Aurora are two dominating sluts who look sexy in their tight black snake pants as they prepare to mistreat the poor female slave victim Alexandra. They start facesitting on her and smother her with their hot asses. They step up the humiliation by blowing farts right in Alexandra's face. She comes up for air and all she gets is the smelly gas that is in the air and up her nose.

Princess Diana thought she heard someone breathing when she went to the bathroom and she catches a little toilet slave hiding in her toilet. She gives him the humiliation he deserves and pisses all over his face then starts farting right in his mouth. You are the toilet slave in this hot POV shot of Princess Diana abusing you and humiliating you for being in her toilet without her permission.

Gia is such a pretty and sexy brunette, especially in her smoking hot short shorts. She looks at you and smiles because she knows that she is about to humiliate you. She puts you in a trance by letting you stare at her beautiful ass and legs when she bends over. She puts her sweet ass closer to your face and you lean in just in time for her to fart in your face.

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