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In the morning this beautiful woman is going to turn on her camera. She enjoys doing many different things in the morning, but one of her favorite ones is to let out farts. By doing this she is able to figure out what slave is going to be at her house later on the day. She also is going to dominate him and let out farts right on his face.

A pretty brunette is going to find out just how sexy she looks as she is letting out her horrible gas. She likes to find out if a slave can tolerate all of the horrible smell in her bedroom. She thinks it is quite funny to do this, and she also finds it amusing to watch a slave gag. She is going to dominate him when it's all over.

A pretty girl wearing a bikini is going to let out a series of horrible farts. She thinks it is really funny to see if any of her slaves want to come over and hang out after she has started stinking her house up. She is going to really let them rip, because it is a test to see who is a loyal slave. The lucky winner will get her bikini.

A very cute girl is going to wear a pair of pants, because she wants to get them broken in. What she doesn't mention is the fact that she also invited a loser over, because he wanted to spend time with her. She is going to start farting, because she wants to make him gross out. The crazy part is that he is deeply turned on by all of her horrible gas.

Wearing a pair of yoga pants can be very relaxing and it also allows everything to breathe. However, this Mistress is going to have a slave over so that he is able to fetch her a glass of water or even give her a massage. The one thing she fails to mention is the fact that she also has horrible gas. She is going to let out several farts in front of him.

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