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Renee is back and subjecting her little shrunken man to more episodes of farting torture. She sits on him while wearing tight dresses and pantyhose, ripping long and loud farts on his tiny little face. The little man can do nothing but lay there and take all her smelly farts while she squeals in excitement. Maybe one day she'll end up melting him from all of her hot and squishy farts.

Princess Jenny thinks you need to learn your place and she knows just how to teach you. She's going to make you smell her farts and thank her. She orders you to put your nose right up against her asshole as she lets fart after fart rip into your face while you inhale her lovely aroma. Hopefully some of her smelly gas will stick to your clothes so you can enjoy it later.

Anyone that loves to enjoy a pretty girl letting out a whole bunch of smelly farts will love this video. All of the girls love to fart and they take great pride in their abilities. Farting has become something they enjoy and they are going to make sure that the video is a celebration of their horrible gas. There is nothing better than attractive women that are able to fart.

A pretty girl is going to lay on the couch, because she is putting together something special for all of her slaves to watch. She is trying to attract one of her slaves, so that he understands that she is seeking him out. He told her once that he would sniff her ass, and now she is going to put what he said to the test. She is going to fart.

This cute girl should be in school studying, but instead she is doing things that she should not be doing. She is going to skip school and come home, because she is going to mess around with her WebCam. She wants to make a video all about farting, because her goal is to get a new slave that will do exactly as she wishes. She is a beginner in domination.

This pretty woman is going to have a wonderful time making a video. She has always wanted to create a video that has nothing but her horrible gas. She finds for gas to be amusing, but she also is looking for a whole bunch of new slaves that are going to worship her ass and everything else about her. This is going to be a fun task for her and she can't wait.

This pretty girl cannot quit farting, but she also cannot quit laughing. She is making a secret video at home, so that when her boyfriend arrives he is able to watch the video. She is going to make him gross out, but she also wants to see if he likes hearing all of the noise. She is going to let long and smelly farts as she is laughing the whole time.

In the morning this beautiful woman is going to turn on her camera. She enjoys doing many different things in the morning, but one of her favorite ones is to let out farts. By doing this she is able to figure out what slave is going to be at her house later on the day. She also is going to dominate him and let out farts right on his face.

A pretty brunette is going to find out just how sexy she looks as she is letting out her horrible gas. She likes to find out if a slave can tolerate all of the horrible smell in her bedroom. She thinks it is quite funny to do this, and she also finds it amusing to watch a slave gag. She is going to dominate him when it's all over.

A pretty girl wearing a bikini is going to let out a series of horrible farts. She thinks it is really funny to see if any of her slaves want to come over and hang out after she has started stinking her house up. She is going to really let them rip, because it is a test to see who is a loyal slave. The lucky winner will get her bikini.

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