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Mistress Ebonybooty49 has a big ass and this guy loved it. But he ended up pissing her off and she had to humiliate him which she did with her ass. He was forced to lick her ass and to smell her farts as well as to endure being facesat on. He never saw it coming but he could do nothing about it as he knew he was on the wrong.

When her slave has misbehaved, she lays on his bed in only a shirt, thong and her stockings. She has already handcuffed him and he lays facing her ass. She tells him to put his head under her stockings and put his face in the crack of her ass. She starts to fart. Every time she farts, he is forced to breathe it in. She knows that he wants to move but he has to stay until she is done farting.

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